iCHOPE Fund's Mission

NFL Super Bowl champion and Pro Bowl veteran Chris Hope established the iCHOPE™ Fund to provide support for families and individuals from diverse backgrounds in his home town Rock Hill, SC and communities in Nashville, TN and Atlanta, GA.

Everyone has a story. The iCHOPE Fund believes that people from disadvantaged situations, challenged beginnings and fractured home-life must be encouraged to see beyond their current hardships. We believe one's beginning does not dictate their ending. Our mission is to focus on a person's story and journey to achieving their dreams, not just their glory.

About iCHOPE*

The name "iCHOPE" is derived from Chris' nickname "C Hope" and his belief that one should never lose sight of their hopes and dreams. The fund's vision is to showcase that "everyone has a story" and to inspire people to share their stories of adversity to achievement.

"God made this world without a roof, so I always believe that the 'Sky is the Limit!'," said Chris. I want kids to know that they can be or achieve whatever they want to do in life if they keep God first, honor their mother and father, get a great education, and work hard at whatever they want to become. I want my audience to know that you have to have more faith and belief in your dreams than you have faith or belief in your doubts."


Community Helping Community

The iCHOPE Fund strives to create avenues to encourage individuals to support one another and people in the community through more than just donations- through their works and actions. Giving back and helping others does not always come with a price tag.  A kind word can make a difference. "I cannot forget the time and words of wisdom that people have shared with me," said Chris.

 "I recall as a child, many impactful speeches and lessons learned from adults other than my parents," said Chris.  "Growing up as a kid, you sometimes venture off out of the sight of your biological parents.  As a result, with supportive people in the neighborhood, parents can rest assured that their children are getting some type of parental advisory while they are at work trying to provide for their family. "
Chris also developed the iCHOPE Fund to target kids whose parents have addictions to drugs, alcohol or who are affected by mental or physical abuse. "I want to encourage them that no matter what your situation may be, you can still make it to the top and become a positive person and a success story."

iCHOPE Celebrity Basketball Game

2012 Honorees Pilgrim's Inn

Pilgrims' Inn is a cornerstone resource for the Rock Hill community and its families. In times of need or distress, no one is turned away.

A shelter for women and children; Pilgrims' Inn provides emergency shelter, transitional housing and permanent housing placement. Their programs and services are designed to empower women to re-establish their lives and become
productive members of society, and positive role-models for their children. 

The food bank serves a large portion of the Rock Hill elderly and under-employeed who do not have the resources to provide balanced diets to their families. 

NFL player Chris Hope and Friends host the 3rd annual Community Helping Community Celebrity Basketball Game

More than a haven for homeless families and families in crisis, Pilgrims' Inn provides resources to assist with GED classes, college course placement, job search, interview skills, household bill management and more.


Learn more about the 3rd Annual iCHOPE Celebrity Basketball Game.


*Chris and Linda Hope established the iCHOPE Fund as a component fund of The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee in May 2012. The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee is a 501(c)(3) public charity in NashvilleTN. Tax ID is 62-1471789.